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Make dinner easy in just 5 days.


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Wouldn’t life be easier if you could:

  • Never have that sinking feeling when the “what’s for dinner” question comes up.

  • Always have an idea for dinner—and the groceries too.

  • Enjoy a peaceful dinner table where even the pickiest eaters eat well.

  • Whip up a healthy, delicious dinner the ingredients from the pantry.

  • Save money on every grocery bill.

  • Stop wasting food (and money).

  • Feel dramatically healthier physically and mentally.

  • Love having dinner and actually look forward to it.

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Hey there, I'm Claire.

By day I’m a cookbook author and cooking teacher, a Cityline and CBC Radio expert. At night I cook at home with my sweetheart Michael, who eats everything, and our little boy Thomas, who does not!

I've taken everything I've learned in the food industry plus my own experience as a working mom and designed this challenge to make home cooking easy, delicious and fun for you.

But don't take my word for it...

That sounds great! 

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