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Learn how to make dinner easy, delicious and fun in just 5 days...


The Challenge begins January 10th!

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FREE 5-Day De-Stress Dinner Challenge

begins January 10th!

Make dinner easy, delicious and just 5 days.


In just 20 minutes a day you'll learn how to fix dinner forever.

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Wouldn’t life be easier if you could:

  • Never have that sinking feeling when the “what’s for dinner” question comes up.

  • Always have an idea for dinner—and the groceries too.

  • Enjoy a peaceful dinner table where even the pickiest eaters eat well.

  • Whip up a healthy, delicious dinner the ingredients from the pantry.

  • Save money on every grocery bill.

  • Stop wasting food (and money).

  • Feel dramatically healthier physically and mentally.

  • Love having dinner and actually look forward to it.

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Hey there, I'm Claire.

By day I’m a cookbook author and cooking teacher, a Cityline and CBC Radio expert. At night I cook at home with my sweetheart Michael, who eats everything, and our little boy Thomas, who does not!

I've taken everything I've learned in the food industry plus my own experience as a working mom and designed this challenge to make home cooking easy, delicious and fun for you.

But don't take my word for it...

That sounds great! 

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How the challenge works to make dinner stress-free and uncomplicated, forever: 

Day 1: Pick Your Back Pocket Dinner. 

No time, no groceries, no energy to cook?

The Back Pocket Dinner solves all those problems and puts a healthy, homemade dinner on the table in less that 20 minutes.


Day 2: Learn Your Type.

 Dinner won’t get any easier until you figure out which of the 5 types of meal planning will work for you. 

Great news: Knowing your type is the simple key that unlocks to the door to easy dinners every single night

Day 3: Create a Peaceful Dinner Table. 

When no one at the table will eat, it’s impossible to feel motivated to cook.

Learn the 3 game-changing strategies that will end the power struggle with picky eaters and make dinner time really enjoyable.

Day 4: Save Money Now.

Don’t waste another dollar on fancy groceries that aren't worth it, or ingredients that end up going bad in the fridge, or a double batch of a recipe you'll get tired of (or worse, that will go bad and end up in the compost!!).

Cook smarter, not harder and start saving money right now. 

Day 5: Make it Stick!

This session will make dinner feel sustainable, easy and most importantly, worth it. All without adding a single drop of stress to your day.

Day 5 is the cherry on top that makes this challenge have long-lasting positive effects.

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