Let's Make Dinner Uncomplicated
and make it easier, faster, more delicious & FUN 

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Fixing Dinner is currently closed while we focus on our current students.

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Tap into the strategies and formulas that busy people are using to enjoy an easy, healthy, affordable and delicious home cooked dinner every night of the week.

Fixing Dinner is my signature program and it will make you a confident, capable, happy cook. 


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Discover Your Meal Planning Type

Spoiler alert! There is no single best way to meal plan. Develop yours based on your personality, lifestyle and much more (even if you hate meal planning, like me!).

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Learn the Time-Type Meal Formulas

Lack of TIME is the biggest roadblock for most people (although there are four more!). I'll help you create meals that make the most of the time you have to cook, whether that's 5 minutes or an hour. 

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Master the Recipes & Skills

Dinner doesn't have to be difficult to be delicious. I will help you master the essential skills and many tasty recipes that will become 'back-pocket' dinners you can make on the fly.  

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Hey there, I'm Claire.

Welcome to my kitchen, it's my happy place. By day I’m a cookbook author and cooking teacher, Cityline and CBC Radio expert. At night I cook at home with my sweetheart Michael, who eats everything, and our little boy Thomas, who does not!

Home cooking should be easy, delicious and fun, and that's what I'm here for. 

I’ve been in the food business for 20 years, as a restaurant cook, baker, cooking teacher, test kitchen manager and restaurant critic. I ended up as the Food Director at Chatelaine. Now I spend my time empowering people to cook at home so we can all lead happier, healthier lives.

My first book, Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress Out of Home Cooking, set out to prove that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult to be delicious. 

My second book, Dinner, Uncomplicated: Fixing a Delicious Meal Every Night of the Week is focused on making the daily dinner ritual easier, faster and less stressful. It’s a deep-dive into how–and why–making dinner can be the highlight of your day.

The Fixing Dinner Course was designed to take everything I know about food and cooking and help you actually make dinner stress-free and enjoyable. I'd love for you to join me!

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