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Make Dinner 
 Easier, Faster, More Delicious & FUN!

...without rigid meal plans
...without expensive kitchen gadgets
...without going to culinary school


Stop making the same old recipes over and over.


Get easy inspiration with new recipes and live cook-alongs every month.


Cook without a recipe using ingredients you already have on hand.


Feel dramatically healthier and save money on every grocery bill.


Enjoy dinner with family because even the pickiest eaters enjoy it.


Never stress about what’s for dinner again. 


And do it all with the support and encouragement of a celebrity food pro and an extraordinary community of home cooks!

Get everything you need to stay motivated and master your daily dinner ritual

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Let's talk about how hard it is to make dinner Every. Single. Night.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • The question "what's for dinner?" makes you feel irritated, overwhelmed.
  • You feel totally uninspired and feel like you make the same dinners again and again.
  • You have a freezer full of boxed dinners and you wish you could make a healthier meal more often. 
  • You know you spend too much on takeout and prepared meals (and let's not even talk about wasting food and aspirational ingredients). 
  • You have good intentions for dinner but mostly find it's just easier to use convenience foods.
  • When you manage to make a nice family dinner, picky eaters make you feel like you might as well not even try!


You're probably experiencing at least one of the roadblocks of dinner...

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No Time
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No Groceries
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No Ideas
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No Skills & Wrong Equipment
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No Family Meal Consensus
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Dinner just feels like a grind

But dinner can truly be the best part of your day...

Dinner Is The Best Thing
You Can Do For Your Family

  1. Mealtime at home is the strongest predictor of better grades and fewer behavioural problems in 3-to-13-year-old children according to a University of Michigan study.

  2. Mealtime is far more powerful in influencing children's positive outcomes than time spent in school, studying, church, playing sports and doing art activities. These results hold true regardless of the child’s age, sex, race and family structure. 

  3. As the regularity of family meals increases, rates of depression go down, as do suicidal attempts, drinking, smoking, drug use and early sexual behaviour. 

  4. For middle and high school students, frequency of family meals is positively associated with intake of fruits, vegetables, grains and calcium-rich foods and negatively associated with soft drink consumption.

  5. The day-to-day routine of structured, sit-down family meals and snacks reassures children that they are loved and that will be provided for - nutritionally and in all other ways.

Source: Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter (2008)

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I believe everyone can cook and I want to help you make dinner more easy, fun and delicious. 

Claire Tansey



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An online course where you’ll learn the practical, effective recipes, formulas and tricks that will help you overcome the roadblocks to dinner.


Walk away with your own personalized success path to getting a tasty, healthy and affordable dinner on the table every single night...


..without rigid plans or inflexible rules that include food you don't like or can't eat!


I'm going to help you make dinner—and actually enjoy it—any night of the week. 

Want to get Fixing Dinner

for FREE?


When you join my  Kitchen Uncomplicated Membership you get Fixing Dinner absolutely FREE.

And that's not all... 

For less than the price of one takeout dinner, you'll have access to everything below as part of your membership. 
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The complete Fixing Dinner Online Course
to develop and upgrade your skills, make dinner easier and feel confident and comfortable in the kitchen (value = $497).
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At least three new live cook-along classes with Claire every month
to master new recipes, bust out of your dinner rut and bring more joy to your dinners (value = $97/month). 

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Monthly "Ask Me Anything" live Q&A with Claire 
to solve all of your big and small dinner challenges (and anything else that's on your mind).
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A personal success path based on your unique Home Cook Type
so you can make changes that actually work for YOU instead of trying to will yourself through a rigid meal prep approach (priceless).

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The full library of on-demand cooking classes
so that you never run out of uncomplicated AND delicious recipes


Here's how it all shakes out...

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Make dinner easier and faster by working through the Fixing Dinner modules at your own pace, according to your personalized Road Map. 

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Get inspired by cooking along with Claire’s new live classes every month. Repeat the recipes you love to build mastery and your dinner repertoire.

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Stay motivated with recipe ideas, kitchen hacks and more via Claire’s live Q&A sessions and in the Kitchen Uncomplicated Community.

The course changed my whole life!


"I’m honestly amazed at what I can do after taking Fixing Dinner!"

I’ve fallen in love with cooking because of you and your course. It’s such a pleasure to watch my family enjoy my food. 

I love the cook-along classes that you do. I follow along and cook with you. 

I’ll always think of you in the kitchen, Claire! Thank you!

----Heather C.

Take baby steps every month to truly master dinner.

Learn new easy, fun and delicious recipes and meal ideas every month. There will always be a new Back Pocket weeknight dinner, plus a special menu for celebrations of all kinds (with the occasional cocktail) as well as something really fun like baking a Chocolate Silk Pie or stocking the freezer with Favours to Your Future Self. 


Simply by showing up to these live monthly classes, you’ll get the inspiration you need to make dinner easy and delicious. You’ll also be building your kitchen skills and expanding your recipe repertoire ….just by making dinner!



"I’m motivated, happy and I have a flexible gameplan!
I'm learning something new in every session - it kind of blows my mind!"

I am now making these lovely dinners for MYSELF and I invite my friends over and my adult kids ask for the recipes!
Plus I've learned how to make some pretty mean cocktails!

I just decided to jump in [to Kitchen Uncomplicated] because I needed to shake things up a little bit.
It has completely reinvigorated me and given me so much more confidence.


It's been a hoot and I can't wait to see what Claire has lined up for the next season!

----Carolyn E.


Check out a few of the live classes this fall...

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Thanksgiving Countdown Cook-Along

Does cooking a big feast cause you stress? Make it so easy this year: Make Thanksgiving dinner with me! Over three days we will prepare everything you need and want for a Classic Canadian Thanksgiving feast! We’ll prep in advance, and then bring it all together...together! 

Designed for a Sunday late afternoon meal, but you could also follow along and serve this meal on Monday. You’ll get the grocery list, all the recipes plus step-by-step, day-by-day coaching. And since you have lifetime access, you can make any part of the meal again any time you like.


Dry-Brined Turkey and Gravy, Classic Bread Stuffing, Cranberry-Apple Chutney, Scalloped & Mashed Potatoes, Balsamic-Roasted Vegetables, Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Cream

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Back Pocket Dinner (Garlic Spaghetti)

At last we are making my all-time favourite, the Reigning Champion of Back-Pocket Dinners, Garlic Spaghetti!

Tune in for the countless tips and ideas I’ve honed over decades of making this dish. Then enjoy the utter perfection of this delicious BPD. We will also make a simple salad with my version of “zesty Italian” dressing (it's way yummier than the bottled one!)

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Try Something New: Crispy Chicken with Spicy Black Bean Rice


Family favourite ingredients get re-energized in this delicious one-pot wonder.

Join me to make this Central American-inspired main course where chicken gets roasted over a bed of seasoned rice, beans and vegetables.

We'll also transform grocery-store frozen corn into a crunchy side dish packed with the flavours of Mexican street corn. It's sure to be your new favourite dinner!


Live "Ask Me Anything" Q&A Sessions

Plus, once a month, I host a

Live “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session

where you can ask all those pressing culinary questions like

“How do I clean my cast iron pan?”


“Can I still eat the leftovers I made on Tuesday?”

or even..

“How can I get my kid to make me dinner?”

Simply join me for a year and you'll have:

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New Back Pocket Dinners in your ...back pocket!

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Special menus you can repeat for celebrations and dinner parties year-round.

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New recipes that will make dinners fun, turn you into a master of mealtime and bring so much joy to your dinner table and your life! 

And it's guaranteed to be uncomplicated!

Which Results Inspire You The Most?

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Dinner doesn’t have to be a daily frenzy!

I wasn’t enjoying the process of getting dinner on the table every day.

New perspective! It doesn’t have to be roast beef with all the fixings (but it can be), I can enjoy the process and dinner doesn’t have to be a daily frenzy.

---- Christianne W.

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We've been eating together at the table for the first time in years...

I was overwhelmed with options. Cleaning out my pantry and fridge to just stock what I actually use has been a relief. 

I learned to KEEP IT SIMPLE and I loved the meal plan typing - I'm a Semi.   We've been eating together at the table for the first time in years with food that most everyone likes off of our meal queue.  

---- Ashley H.

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Take the chance to transform the dinner experience at your house!

I have really enjoyed putting to use everything I have learned about meal planning and family dinners from Claire’s “Fixing Dinner” course. It is one of the only pleasures I have these days during pandemic times. And I cannot recommend Claire's live cooking classes enough—for seasoned cooks and dinner providers and struggling chefs alike.

Take the chance—you can transform the dinner experience at your house.  And it is so worth your time and effort. Thank you, Claire!

-- Karin F.

Ready to make dinner uncomplicated with me?



Choose your membership level...


$34.99 CAD / mnth

Lowest Monthly Price Ever

  • Total access to the Fixing Dinner Online Course.
  • Monthly live cook-along classes with Claire.
  • Your personal success path for your Home Cook Type.
  • On-demand library of Claire's cooking classes.
  • Membership to the Kitchen Uncomplicated Facebook Group.
  • Live Q/A Sessions with Claire.
Enjoy LOW Monthly Price


$349.00 CAD / year

2 Months Free

  • Total access to the Fixing Dinner Online Course.
  • Monthly live cook-along classes with Claire.
  • Your personal success path for your Home Cook Type.
  • On-demand library of Claire's cooking classes.
  • Membership to the Kitchen Uncomplicated Facebook Group.
  • Live Q/A Sessions with Claire.
  • 2 months free
  • Raising Great Eaters Masterclass (see below)
  • Copy of Dinner, Uncomplicated mailed to your door.
SAVE - Annual Membership



When you join Kitchen Uncomplicated you will also get these amazing bonuses:

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Dinner, Uncomplicated e-book

With 90 brand new recipes and six mini-master classes on how to get dinner on the table without breaking a sweat, you’ll be enjoying a delicious dinner before you can say, “Claire, fix my life!”

Retail Value = $18

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THE PICKY EATERS MASTERCLASS (AKA: How To Feed Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind!)

Everything you ever needed to know about how to lower your stress levels when it comes to dealing with a picky eater AND ensure they are well-nourished at the same time.

If you ever feel like your family struggles to eat together because you can't all eat and enjoy one meal, this will be a great resource for you.

Value = $297

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  1. KNIFE SKILLS MASTERCLASS Take your cooking up a notch by mastering four essential knife skills: Slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing. We will also cover the basics of knife safety and care plus the all-important best way to hold your knife.
  2. FRESH HERBS WORKSHOP Learn how to pair fresh herbs with ingredients and recipes for delicious results. We will also cover how to buy and store fresh herbs, how to keep them fresher for longer, and how to freeze them so they still taste great. As well, we’ll look at the difference between fresh and dried herbs and how to substitute. Bonus: Master Recipes PDF (Fresh Herb Butter, Salsa Verde, Pesto).
  3. SPICES MASTERCLASS Learn how to buy and store spices, how long they can be stored, essential spices to keep on hand, the differences between whole and ground spices plus three strategies for freestyle spice blending in your own kitchen. BONUS: Delicious Spice Pairings PDF.

Value = $127

So much value?! Am all in!



Annual members get a little extra gravy...

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30-minute private coaching session with Claire Tansey

You can use your coaching session with me (Claire, hi!) to work through any specific challenges, questions and roadblocks you face when getting dinner on the table.

We can talk about anything (food-related) but some of the topics from my previous students are:

How can I get my teenager to cook?

What kitchen equipment should I put on my wedding registry?

How can I make one meal to feed my celiac husband, vegan daughter and gluten-free me?

How do I sharpen my knives?

How can I get my cooking mojo back?

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Raising Great Eaters 

The best way to get kids interested in food is to welcome them into the kitchen and have some fun--whether they are 2 years old or 16 years old. In this exclusive masterclass, Claire shares her tips, ideas and recipes for involving kids of ages in meal making. 

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Claire's bestselling cookbook Dinner, Uncomplicated 

Keep it on the kitchen counter or even gift to a friend.

Retail Value = $32

Alright, I'm jumping right in!



When you join Kitchen uncomplicated by midnight TONIGHT you get...

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In this amazing 3 hour workshop, you will stock your freezer with the building blocks for over 60 healthy, delicious dinners. You’ll get to cook every recipe along with me (over Zoom) as I share not just the step-by-step how-to but also invaluable tips and tricks that will improve every aspect of your cooking.

We will also go into detail about safe freezing practices, best containers for freezing, keeping track of your (now amazingly-stocked) freezer plus how to thaw, heat and serve the dishes.

Value = $67

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Here's how you make dinner easy every single night:

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Find your 'WHY' in the kitchen

Discover how to make dinner easier so you and your family can be happier and healthier in all aspects of life. 

  • Learn the five proven benefits of having dinner so you can get motivated to make time for it.
  • Learn why dinner isn’t always about the food so you can reduce the pressure you feel to get it perfect.
  • Learn the five roadblocks to making dinner so you can customize your plan to overcome them.

Create your peaceful dinner table. 

Learn simple tools to make dinnertime less stressful so you can actually enjoy it!

  • Create a peaceful dinner table so eating together isn’t a fight, it’s a pleasure.

  • Discover the simple way meal planning solves all five roadblocks.

  • Learn the five types of meal planning so you can determine which type of planning will work best for you.

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Clear the decks & get organized

Get your kitchen cleared and restocked so you can make delicious meals on the fly.

  • Declutter the fridge, freezer and pantry of anything unusable or aspirational so you know what you have and what you need.
  • Learn the ten essential pieces of multi-purpose kitchen equipment so you can take on any recipe.

  • Stock up on the smart pantry essentials so you can cook without having to go shopping.

Get cooking

Learn all the tools you need tools to help you create a workable, fun meal plan.

  • Complete the Family Favourites challenge so you’ll always have an idea for what to make for dinner.

  • Build a smart, customized meal plan that fits your schedule, skills and tastes.

  • Learn the concept of a Back Pocket Dinner so you have a fail-safe dinner even when everything goes wrong.

  • Get insight into splurge vs. save ingredients so you can start saving money on groceries immediately.

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Taste and tweak

Learn how to combine everything from the course so you can comfortably make dinner any night of the week.

  • Discover a new way to look at recipes so you never struggle with ideas or rushing again.

  • Learn recipe formulas so you can easily whip up dinner from what you have on hand—in whatever time you have.

  • Discover how to deconstruct dinners so you can manage picky eaters and dietary restrictions.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee

I Want You to Be 100% Satisfied with Your Investment!
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You are my people and I want you to be successful in the kitchen.

If within 90 days of joining Kitchen Uncomplicated you are not 100% satisfied just email us at [email protected] and we will refund your money.

The only thing I will ask is for feedback so we can improve!

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Hey there, I'm Claire.

Welcome to my kitchen, it's my happy place. By day I’m a cookbook author and cooking teacher, Cityline and CBC Radio expert. At night I cook at home with my sweetheart Michael, who eats everything, and our little boy Thomas, who does not!

Home cooking should be easy, delicious and fun, and that's what I'm here for. 

I’ve been in the food business for 20 years, as a restaurant cook, baker, cooking teacher, test kitchen manager and restaurant critic. I ended up as the Food Director at Chatelaine. Now I spend my time empowering people to cook at home so we can all lead happier, healthier lives.

My first book, Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress Out of Home Cooking, set out to prove that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult to be delicious. 

My second book, Dinner, Uncomplicated: Fixing a Delicious Meal Every Night of the Week is focused on making the daily dinner ritual easier, faster and less stressful. It’s a deep-dive into how–and why–making dinner can be the highlight of your day.

Kitchen Uncomplicated was designed to take  everything I know about food and cooking and help you actually make dinner stress-free and enjoyable. I'd love for you to join me!

I want to join Kitchen Uncomplicated!

Frequently Asked Questions

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